Japanese fine food

About us

Diversifying from the traditional sushi that springs to mind whenever Japanese food is mentioned, the company Director feels the need to introduce to the Australia public the wide range of food that Japan has to offer other than its tasty sushi.

With that in mind, he opened his first Hanaichi outlet in the heart of the Brisbane city offering Japanese fine food such as famous Japanese curry with deep fried crumbed meat, udon noodle soup and chicken teriyaki. Food cooked in this manner was very much similar to the casserole that Australians can relate to but with a unique touch of Asian taste in it. It was an instant success among many and soon new outlets were opened in other places in Brisbane.

Not forgetting his motto of "Serve the Best", you can expect to find real quality and healthy food in Hanaichi and yet expect to pay reasonable prices for it. That's what makes Hanaichi a favourite among all!